In January 1999 Otto Schütt (guitar) and Jens Christian Nielsen (bass) who had played together for many years in other bands (among those were the band Shane, which in 1998 were close to signing a record deal, but then decided to call it quits) began forming was is now Chrome Shift - a band playing their own original brand of progressive metal/rock.

The name Chrome Shift has the origins from a title of a Nielsen/Schütt song. Once trying to name the song, Otto Schütt remembered a strange title ("The Chrome Shift") he once wrote down on a piece of paper - and therefore ended up with the name "CHROME SHIFT".

Soon they teamed up with piano player Jakob Paulsen and drummer Poul Terkildsen and began composing their own material. The four musicians played together for a year while looking for the perfect singer to fit the band. At last they found Rasmus Bak and rehearsed only once with him before Chrome Shift in February 2000 recorded their first demo-CD in Aabenraa Studios in Denmark, with the famous Danish producer Jacob Hansen behind the desk.

In 2001 Chrome Shift re-entered the Aabenraa Studios to record their full-length debut album, "Ripples In Time", and once again with Jacob Hansen behind the mixer. Producer Jacob sent off some MP3's to Intromental Management in Copenhagen and shortly afterwards the management company contacted Chrome Shift with an offer to maintain all their promotional activities in the future. Strangely enough, Schütt and Nielsen had been in touch with Intromental Management years ago, when they were playing in Shane, which was managed by Intromental at that time. Coming full-circle might not be such a bad thing after all.

The first goal, to find a suitable record label for "Ripples In Time" to be released upon, was fulfilled within only two weeks from Chrome Shift signing with Intromental, as the band signed a record deal with the Dutch company DVS Records for the release of "Ripples In Time". The debut album was officially released in March 2003, and have since then been selling really well, and was praised tremendously by the worldwide media.


Chrome Shift is an original progressive metal band inspired by such diverse bands as Ayreon, Pain Of Salvation, Dream Theater, and Superior. Even hints at more rock/alternative acts like King's X or Enchant can be found in the music of Chrome Shift.

From the symphonic metal hymns of "Nightmachine", across the hard and heavy sound of "Full Moon", to the beautiful laid-back ballad "Through", this band makes their music to completion.

The band sets out to play music, which will take you beyond imagination to fulfill the lost holes of your musical experience, and with "Ripples In Time" this is exactly what they do.